Sun Star Healing & MFR

“My session with Margot was a wonderful experience, and I felt the benefits days and weeks afterwards. Her skill and relaxed approach helped me be present and release tension held deep within. I would recommend myofascial release with Margot to anyone experiencing aches, pain, or stress – everyone!”

—Kathy, 55, occupational therapist

“I went to Margot because I was having some brain fog along with back and shoulder pain and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) discomfort. I am a 61 year-old teacher, so it was important to me to get rid of the brain fog and hoped to get some relief for the pain in my back, shoulders, and jaw, too. After my myofascial treatments with Margot, not only did my brain fog go away, but so did the pain in my back, shoulders, and jaw. I am so grateful to have found such an intuitive and skillful therapist! I will be getting regular treatments at Sun Star Healing & Myofascial Release.”

— Liz, 61, teacher

“My experience with Margot was beautiful. She is both highly knowledgeable and focused and at the same time she is gentle and clearly led by a natural intuition about what the body needs. I experienced a deep level of relaxation and peace, similar to what I experience in energetic healing sessions. I sought out Margot to make sure my body was balanced after a couple of minor injuries this summer. Even if you aren’t seeking help for something acute, I would recommend Margot for an important piece of preventative healthcare!”

— Kate, 36, mother, gardener, assistant herbalist

“I’ve had issues dealing with stiffness, tightness and joint pain over the course of my life, thus, have seen a massage therapist, chiropractor and acupuncturist; but after time, the same complaints reappear. Knowing that MFR attacks the trauma we experience throughout our lives, I chose to speak to a MFR therapist. After working with Margot, I have experienced less stiffness, tightness and an overall feeling of lightness resulting in a less sedentary lifestyle. I would recommend her as an excellent MFR therapist!!”

— Pam, 76, retired